Book Review: My Heart Is A Chainsaw by Stephen Graham Jones


In her quickly gentrifying rural lake town Jade sees recent events only her encyclopedic knowledge of horror films could have prepared her for in this latest novel from the Jordan Peele of horror literature, Stephen Graham Jones.

Jade feels like she’s trapped in a slasher film as tourists go missing and the tension between her community and the celebrity newcomers to the Indian Lake shore heads towards a tipping point, when she feels the killer will rise. Jade watches as the small town she knows and loves begins to head towards catastrophe as yachts compete with canoes and the celebrity rich change the landscape of what was designated park lands to develop what they call Terra Nova.

This new novel from the acclaimed author of The Only Good Indians and “literary master” (Tananarive Due, author of The Good House) Stephen Graham Jones, is a must-read, exploring the changing landscape of the West through his particular voice of sharp humor and prophetic violence that will have you cheering for the American heroine we need.

My Thoughts:

Horror is probably my favorite genre. That is where Jade and I connected. We are both horror fans. Jade however is horror obsessed.

This book is very well written. I literally felt as if I was in the frantically racing mind of a teenager. I felt every bit of anxiety, fear, excitement.

It did start of slow. I found myself struggling through some chapters just because I was bored, but it does pick up the pace.

I wasn’t really a fan of the slasher 101 chapters honestly, it made the book a bit manic of that makes sense?

Overall this was a great body of work. I see why this author is praised as he is.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Available on 31 Aug 2021

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